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A journey into the tastes and aromas of the magnificent dishes of Gyumri and acquaintance with its dramatic history

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Gyumri Gastro Tour
Gyumri City Tour
Master-Class of tzhvzhik
Master-Class of Tatar-boraki
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Master-Class of Dolma (price 8 $)


  • MASTER CLASS AND LUNCH 2 hours 30 minutes
  • GYUMRI CITY TOUR 2 hours

We invite you to cook traditional Armenian dishes in the unique atmosphere of a cozy restaurant in Gyumri. 

Tatar Boraki

Throughout Armenia, this dish is called Tatars Boraki, and only in Gyumri - Tatars Borani. It is believed that in Gyumri it is cooked especially delicious. In general, “boraki” is meat in dough boats with open sides, and the word Tatari means fast-cooking, whipped up. According to the researchers, the word came from the name of the tribe of the Tatars, who did not like to cook for a long time and put a salted piece of meat under the saddle. After a few hours of racing, the meat became soft and ready to eat. And if it’s a long time to cook boraki, then the Boraki Tatars are very simple and fast. So, the dish is thin slices of dough, boiled in salted water, they are served to the table with fried onions and sauce. The sauce can be made on the basis of sour cream or yogurt with garlic.


Tzhvzhik - such an interesting word for hearing is a dish of beef liver and other offal. And tzhvzhik is in the air when the Armenians sort things out. The closest metaphor is “to get under smb's skin”. When someone grinds the same thing with special perseverance and an inevitable increase in the volume of the voice with each new round of this “tzhvzhik”. However, such associations do not spoil the taste of this delicate and fragrant dish. Tomatoes are added to the fried onions for taste, aroma and color, and when the vegetables are fried, they put thinly sliced ​​liver and other offal. Gently mix and simmer over low heat. Add everything you like to taste and the most tender liver is ready!

Shirak region, located at a distance of 120 km from Yerevan.

The second largest (after Yerevan) city stands almost on the Turkish border. Ancient Gyumri is famous for its history - once it was a prosperous and crowded trading city, which could become an adornment of any tour in Armenia, but the natural element left an indelible mark. The 1988 earthquake destroyed most of Gyumri, so not much is left of hoary antiquity. The city is still healing, but there are a lot of things to see!

We will walk through the old city, learn about the life and traditions of citizens not only from city stories, but also from many jokes and funny stories. Gyumri has always been considered the center of Armenian humor, there are even monuments to writers and jokers living here, including actor Frunze Mkrtchyan. In addition, the first woman-cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova began her labor activity here.

But the main highlight is about a thousand beautiful houses built in the second half of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX century. These buildings are the best in Armenia, they are built from black and red tuff stone.

One of the main historical and architectural values ​​of Gyumri is considered to be the "Black Fortress" or, as they call in Gyumri, "Sev Gul". For many, this is a symbol of the second capital of Armenia, and here on every corner you can see books, brochures, postcards and souvenirs with the image of the fortress. We will also look at the hairdresser, which completely preserved the surroundings of the 1940s. And will visit the only museum in the region dedicated to women in art - the art gallery of the Aslamazian sisters.

It is impossible to list all the attractions, that will decorate your trip to this amazing city. He is just waiting for you to discover all his beauty and color.

10-11 hours

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