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The heart of Armenia is Lake Sevan, a fish master class from the famous chef and a cheese tasting!

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Mikayelyan Family Farm
Lavash baking
Sevan Gastro Tour
Master-Class of Lavash Baking
MFF Cheese test light package
Visit Fruit Market
Master-Class of Yura Fish
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Supplement for MFF full package (price 6 $)


  • FRUIT AND VEGETABLE MARKET 1 hour 30 minutes
  • LAVASH BAKING 15 minutes
  • TRANSFER TO MFF 1 hour
  • TRANSFER TO YEREVAN 1 hour 30 minutes

Gegharkunik region, located at a distance of 80km from Yerevan

Mikaelyan Farm is located on the shores of Lake Sevan near the town of Gavar and the Khachakor cemetery in Noratus. In 2012, the family moved from Yerevan to Gavar, created a small farm to provide themselves with healthy food. Subsequently, they specialized in the production of unique cheeses, most of which are aged in wine, and one type in cognac. Tourists have a unique opportunity to spend a day at their farm, taste up to 9 types of cheeses, listen to the story from the lips of the owners and relax in the fresh air

5-6 hours

A master class on the preparation of an integral part of every Armenian feast - pita bread (lavash). This bread, unique in many respects, has an unrivaled taste, and it is prepared very simply from a limited number of products. Lavash recipe is more than one thousand years old, however, during all this time it has not changed much.

According to legend, in ancient times, the Armenian king Aram was captured by the Assyrian ruler Nebuchadnezzar. The king promised that he would release the prisoner with honors if Aram defeated him in archery after spending 10 days hungry without bread.

The next morning, Aram asked that the most beautiful shield be brought from the Armenian army, standing near the borders of Assyria. Armenians guessed the trick and hid very thin bread in it. Assyrian messengers brought a shield, but the next day Aram declared that it was not the most beautiful shield and demanded another. This went on for 10 days, and every day the messengers brought him a new shield with hidden pita bread.

On the eleventh day, the rulers went to the shooting range. Nebuchadnezzar was sure that Aram was weakened and discouraged by hunger, but the Armenian king easily defeated and returned with honor to his country. After that, from now on, instead of other breads, he ordered only lavash to be baked throughout Armenia.

To the singing of folk songs and intimate conversations, we will prepare lavash and learn other ancient legends and interesting traditions associated with this simple and at the same time very tasty bread.

Sevan, repeatedly praised in poetry and prose, shines like a bright blue pearl on the map of Armenia. This mountain lake, by the way, is the largest in the Caucasus, therefore it used to be called the Geghama Sea. Around the huge mountain thicket in which the lake is located, towering slopes covered with dense forest, alpine meadows and pebble beaches rise. And over all this splendor clouds float, clinging to the snowy peaks of the mountains. The clean mountain air and freshness of almost a sea breeze always reigns here.

The main inhabitants of Sevan are Sevan trout or "Ishkhan", which means "prince fish", as well as whitefish, which reproduces only in natural conditions and is found only in the cleanest waters of Lake Baikal and Sevan. It is from this fish we invite you to prepare delicious dishes.

Our master class will be held in the magnificent Tsaghunk restaurant. It was opened by the famous chef Yuri Sargsyan, who managed to work in many countries. And now restaurateurs from all over the world come here to study and practice. Returning to Armenia, he began to search and restore ancient Armenian recipes, according to which we can cook fry fish on the grill, deep-fry (fish gata) or cook according to a special recipe.

All this takes place in a friendly home environment, where everyone feels like at home or visiting relatives

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