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Unusual Monuments Of St. Petersburg Russia 4 hours
historical St Petersburg

Unusual monuments of St. Petersburg

Mo, 13 Jul at 10:00
Ashtarak-Saghmosavank-Amberd-Byurakan Armenia 9 hours
historical Yerevan


A bizarre combination of history and ancient architecture, life and traditions of Armenians, as well as the secrets of t...

Sa, 11 Jul at 10:00
Acquaintance With Dubai United Arab Emir... 4 hours
excursion Dubai

acquaintance with dubai

Главные достопримечательности «города будущего» на обзорной автомобильной экскурсии

Sa, 11 Jul at 10:00
Garni-Geghard Armenia 4 hours
historical Yerevan


Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of bygone days! Ancient architecture, mystical stories and ancient legends await you...

Su, 12 Jul at 10:00
Gourmet Fair Armenia 8 hours
gastro Yerevan


The world of tastes and heady aromas of magnificent Armenian cuisine - from chocolate to the legendary kebab

Su, 12 Jul at 12:00
Etchmiadzin-Oshakan-Ashtarak-Amberd Armenia 9 hours
historical Yerevan


Historic Sites, Ancient Temples, Fortresses and Churches and the Main Shrine of Armenia - Etchmiadzin Cathedral

Mo, 13 Jul at 10:00
All The Attractions Of The Arabian Desert United Arab Emir... 5 hours
extreme Dubai

All the attractions of the Arabian desert

Джип-сафари, катание на верблюдах, традиционное шоу и деревня бедуинов за один день

Tu, 14 Jul at 10:00
Garni-Geghard-Sevanavank Armenia 9 hours
historical Yerevan


Ancient monasteries with a long and hard history, keeping secrets of a thousand years ago.

We, 08 Jul at 10:00
Gastro Tour To Gyumri Armenia 8.5 hours
gastro Yerevan


A journey into the tastes and aromas of the magnificent dishes of Gyumri and acquaintance with its dramatic history

Mo, 13 Jul at 10:30
Ashtarak-Oshakan Armenia 5 hours
gastro Yerevan


Excelent program, 4 master-classes on cooking traditional Armenian dishes and sweets. A gourmet celebration!

Tu, 14 Jul at 14:30
Gastro-Tour Sevan Armenia 8.5 hours
gastro Yerevan


The heart of Armenia is Lake Sevan, a fish master class from the famous chef and a cheese tasting!

Fr, 10 Jul at 10:00
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